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Polaris Scientific GL39SE4P depot UV Replacement Germicida Selling rankings Ultraviolet

Polaris Scientific GL39SE4P UV Ultraviolet Replacement Germicida


Polaris Scientific GL39SE4P UV Ultraviolet Replacement Germicida

Product description

Polaris Scientific GL39SE4P Replacement Germicidal Lamp for the UV-12C, UV-24B, UV-36B, UV-50B, UV-60B, UV-80B and UV-100B Ultraviolet UV System. 39W 843mm Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamp Single End Standard 4 Pin OEM Polaris Scientific GL39SE4P Replacement Lamp Ballas Compatibility: EB-2439 amp; XEB-2439 Lamp replacement only - system not included

Polaris Scientific GL39SE4P UV Ultraviolet Replacement Germicida

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