$41 NSST 6 Inch Professional Hairdressing Scissors, Fine Adjustment Beauty Personal Care Hair Care NSST 6 Inch Professional Scissors We OFFer at cheap prices Fine Hairdressing Adjustment $41 NSST 6 Inch Professional Hairdressing Scissors, Fine Adjustment Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 6,$41,Adjustment,/androecium279537.html,NSST,Hairdressing,bga.devds.de,Professional,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Fine,Inch,Scissors, 6,$41,Adjustment,/androecium279537.html,NSST,Hairdressing,bga.devds.de,Professional,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Fine,Inch,Scissors, NSST 6 Inch Professional Scissors We OFFer at cheap prices Fine Hairdressing Adjustment

NSST 6 Inch Professional Scissors We OFFer at cheap prices Fine Hairdressing Adjustment Limited time for free shipping

NSST 6 Inch Professional Hairdressing Scissors, Fine Adjustment


NSST 6 Inch Professional Hairdressing Scissors, Fine Adjustment

Product description

★Plating process, wear resistance
★Sharp blade, fast cutting +thinning Sharp Knife teeth
★Hair salon or home use
★Best balanced design, long-term use to reduce fatigue
★Flexible in cutting both dry and wet hair
★Docile handle, reduce fatigue, suitable for long time shear

Material: 440C
Hardness: 62HRC
Size: 6 Inch
Total length:165mm
Number of teeth: 28-32

Package Includes:
1* Hair Cutting Scissors
1* Thinning Scissors
1* Scissor bag

★Scissors edge sharp, do not touch, so as not to scratch.
★Customer satisfaction is our goal. If you have any questions about the products you receive, please contact us via our Amazon mail system. We will reply to you within 24 hours to resolve your problem as much as possible.

NSST 6 Inch Professional Hairdressing Scissors, Fine Adjustment


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