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Women Sandals Clear High Heels On Max 60% OFF Now on sale Transparent Slip S PVC

Women Sandals Clear High Heels Sandals Transparent PVC Slip On S


Women Sandals Clear High Heels Sandals Transparent PVC Slip On S

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Women Sandals Clear High Heels Sandals Transparent PVC Slip On Sexy Shoes


WETKISS is more than a fancy name or logo in women fashion shoes industries. It's a promise to our valued customers. we are committed to align the four main parts of our business - quality, comfort, service and reputation. You Buy, We Care!

Women Sandals Clear High Heels Sandals Transparent PVC Slip On Sexy Shoes Women

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Women Sandals Clear High Heels Sandals Transparent PVC Slip On Sexy Shoes

Fashionable high-heel crystal wedding shoes are unique and attractive. You can mix and match any outfit for parties, work, dates, weddings, cocktails, nightclubs, back to school, sea, travel or other special occasions.

Transparent PVC crystal high-heel pointed sandals look more fashionable. The special wine cup-shaped transparent heel can make you more stable and safe during walking.

ESSENTIAL SHOE FOR YOUR CLOSET:Gorgeous crystal clear pvc sandals, specially designed for women, these pointed designs are undoubtedly the most suitable items to buy in your shoe cabinet on party shoes.

 Fashionable high-heel crystal wedding shoes are unique and attractive.  Fashionable high-heel crystal wedding shoes are unique and attractive.  Fashionable high-heel crystal wedding shoes are unique and attractive.  Fashionable high-heel crystal wedding shoes are unique and attractive.  Fashionable high-heel crystal wedding shoes are unique and attractive.
Gold B Silver Lace Up Silver A Silver H 7cm Apricot
Heel 10cm 10cm 10cm 10cm 7cm
colour Gold Silver Lace Up Clean Silver Apricot
Features pointed toe pointed toe Lace up pointed toe pointed toe

Women Sandals Clear High Heels Sandals Transparent PVC Slip On S

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