Home Office Chair Mesh Computer Lumbar 100% quality warranty! Chairs Support Desk with $30 Home Office Chair Mesh Computer Desk Chairs with Lumbar Support Home Kitchen Furniture Support,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$30,Chair,bga.devds.de,with,Home,Desk,Mesh,Office,/anonang268517.html,Computer,Lumbar,Chairs Home Office Chair Mesh Computer Lumbar 100% quality warranty! Chairs Support Desk with $30 Home Office Chair Mesh Computer Desk Chairs with Lumbar Support Home Kitchen Furniture Support,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$30,Chair,bga.devds.de,with,Home,Desk,Mesh,Office,/anonang268517.html,Computer,Lumbar,Chairs

Home Office Chair Mesh Computer Lumbar 100% quality warranty Chairs Support Desk Now on sale with

Home Office Chair Mesh Computer Desk Chairs with Lumbar Support


Home Office Chair Mesh Computer Desk Chairs with Lumbar Support

Product description




Material:Metal amp; Mesh.

Seat Height: 18"-21".

Item Weight: 20 pounds.

Package Dimensions: 22.2 x 20.2 x 10.2 inches.

Why choose us?

Strong practicability.

Quick delivery. Shipped from the US, Delivery time is about 2-5 days.

✓Updated thick padded Seat provide extra comfort for daily use.

✓Ergonomic office chair with lumbar support mesh back for breathability.

BIFIMA certification: more reliable and sturdy, maximum capacity up to 250 lbs

Easy to assemble with good instructions. Also easy to disassemble, simply by using it as intended. Comfortable.

✓The adjusting lever can help you adjust the height of the seat so that the chair can reach your ideal height.

✓Great use for working from home and provides a good back support for you.

All products have passed strict quality inspection before shipment! !


1. We provide 2 years free warranty for this product.

2. Providing customers with quality products is the goal and pursuit of our store. We also hope that you can have a pleasant purchase. If you have any questions else, Pls email us.

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Home Office Chair Mesh Computer Desk Chairs with Lumbar Support

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