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Premium Kopi Campur Max 56% SALENEW very popular! OFF From Indonesia Wild Palm Civets Arabica Coff

Premium Kopi Campur From Indonesia Wild Palm Civets Arabica Coff


Premium Kopi Campur From Indonesia Wild Palm Civets Arabica Coff

Product description

Kaya Kopi Campur is an exquisite blend of Kopi Luwak that contains equal parts Arabica Luwak, Robusta Luwak and Honey Processed Luwak

To produce this coffee, coffee berries are eaten by the Luwak cat. In the stomach of these animals, the berries come in contact with proteolytic enzymes, which change the composition of the coffee berries. After the Luwak excretes the beans, the farmers from Kaya Kopi collect them, wash them, and remove the outer layer of the beans. The beans are then sun-dried and roasted at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. By the time you receive your Luwak coffee, it is 100% clean.

This coffee is 2/3 natural, wild luwak and 1/3 honey processed luwak. The honey processed luwak undergoes an enzymatic process controlled by our team in a special greenhouse. We are able to change the chemistry of the coffee cherries by relying on the same fermentation process that occurs in the civets. We use organic compounds and a natural fermentation process using the sugar present in honey.

Premium Kopi Campur From Indonesia Wild Palm Civets Arabica Coff

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