$28 EPEVER Solar Charge Controller 20A PWM LS2024B 12V/24V Auto Work Patio, Lawn Garden Generators Portable Power EPEVER Solar Charge Controller Excellence 20A PWM 24V Work Auto 12V LS2024B Controller,Charge,Patio, Lawn Garden , Generators Portable Power,Work,bga.devds.de,EPEVER,Auto,PWM,$28,LS2024B,Solar,20A,/archdepredator318131.html,12V/24V Controller,Charge,Patio, Lawn Garden , Generators Portable Power,Work,bga.devds.de,EPEVER,Auto,PWM,$28,LS2024B,Solar,20A,/archdepredator318131.html,12V/24V $28 EPEVER Solar Charge Controller 20A PWM LS2024B 12V/24V Auto Work Patio, Lawn Garden Generators Portable Power EPEVER Solar Charge Controller Excellence 20A PWM 24V Work Auto 12V LS2024B

EPEVER Solar Charge Controller Excellence quality assurance 20A PWM 24V Work Auto 12V LS2024B

EPEVER Solar Charge Controller 20A PWM LS2024B 12V/24V Auto Work


EPEVER Solar Charge Controller 20A PWM LS2024B 12V/24V Auto Work

Product description

Solar charge controller
NEW LandStar
New LandStar series is Epsolar’s new generation programmable solar charge controller.
All the models adopt aluminum heat sinkwhich enables the reliability in high temperature enviroments.
RS-485connects to a remote meter or PC for real-time monitoring, custom setting and control etc.

◆ Solar home system
◆ Solar lighting system
◆ Solar road signals
◆ Solar surveillance
◆ Solar RVs and boats
◆ Small solar power station

◆ Three system voltage configuration : 12V, 24V or 12V/24V auto work
◆ High efficiency PWM charging with temperature compensation
◆ 3 LEDs shows PV charging, battery and load status
◆ External temperature sensor interface
◆ RS-485 bus communication
◆ Open standard Modbus communication protocol
◆ Software update function

More powerful function via MT50 or PC

◆ Diversified load control modes : Manual, Light ON/OFF, Light ON+ Timer, Time Control
◆ Battery type selection: Gel, sealed, flooded and User type
◆ Real-time monitor
◆ Programmable parameters
◆ LVDor SOC load disconnect function
◆ Energy statistics function

Electronic protections:
◆ PV Short Circuit ◆ PV Reverse Polarity ◆ High Voltage Transients
◆ Battery Reverse Polarity ◆ Overcharge ◆ Over discharge
◆ Load Short Circuit ◆ Load Overload ◆ Overheating

Package :
1 x Solar Charge Controller LS2024B
1 x Manual

EPEVER Solar Charge Controller 20A PWM LS2024B 12V/24V Auto Work

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