Cutout,ft.,Dreams,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,Safari,in.,$139,Cardboard,6,/archpiece268193.html,Elephant,Jungle,2,,Wild $139 6 ft. 2 in. Wild Jungle Safari Dreams Elephant Cardboard Cutout Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies 6 ft. 2 Los Angeles Mall in. Wild Jungle Cutout Elephant Cardboard Safari Dreams Cutout,ft.,Dreams,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,Safari,in.,$139,Cardboard,6,/archpiece268193.html,Elephant,Jungle,2,,Wild 6 ft. 2 Los Angeles Mall in. Wild Jungle Cutout Elephant Cardboard Safari Dreams $139 6 ft. 2 in. Wild Jungle Safari Dreams Elephant Cardboard Cutout Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies

6 ft. 2 Los Angeles Mall in. Wild New Orleans Mall Jungle Cutout Elephant Cardboard Safari Dreams

6 ft. 2 in. Wild Jungle Safari Dreams Elephant Cardboard Cutout


6 ft. 2 in. Wild Jungle Safari Dreams Elephant Cardboard Cutout

Product description


Accent your jungle or safari themed celebration with Wild Safari Dreams Elephant Standees. These free-standing props feature elephant silhouettes printed on one side and make an amazing addition to your decorations. Made of cardboard Set of 2 Large measures 6' 2" high x 9' 1" wide Small measures

6 ft. 2 in. Wild Jungle Safari Dreams Elephant Cardboard Cutout

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