New Pair Set of 2 Front S Side Bombing free shipping Strut Shock Complete Left+Right Automotive , Replacement Parts,S,New,Set,Pair,Complete,/centuriator279471.html,Strut,of,2,Front,,$149,Left+Right,Side,Shock New Pair Set of 2 Front S Side Bombing free shipping Strut Shock Complete Left+Right $149 New Pair Set of 2 Front Left+Right Side Complete Shock Strut S Automotive Replacement Parts Automotive , Replacement Parts,S,New,Set,Pair,Complete,/centuriator279471.html,Strut,of,2,Front,,$149,Left+Right,Side,Shock $149 New Pair Set of 2 Front Left+Right Side Complete Shock Strut S Automotive Replacement Parts

New Pair Set of 2 Front S Side Bombing free shipping Strut Shock Very popular Complete Left+Right

New Pair Set of 2 Front Left+Right Side Complete Shock Strut S


New Pair Set of 2 Front Left+Right Side Complete Shock Strut S

Product description

2005-2007 Five Hundred
2005-2007 Montego

Part Numbers:
172614, 172615


gt; 100% brand new in factory original condition. Never been used or installed.
gt; Enhances overall handling, safety and performance of your vehicle.
gt; OE Quality TS16949 certified.
gt; Pressurized N2 gas to reduce foaming and aerating. Also to ensure product better performance.
gt; Effectively to reduce the effect of traveling over rough ground.
gt; Seamless cylinder amp; sleeves to reduce the possibility of splitting to ensure close contact between the piston amp; cylinder no leaks to obtain stable damping force.
gt; Precision robotic welding in most of the applications.
gt; Hard chromed piston rod micro-cracks chromed surface processed amp; ultra-precision vertical polishing to ensure smooth contact between the piston rod amp; seal.
Buckle holes are consistent with the original car in situ for easy amp; quick installation without any changes.
gt; Newer valving technology operates in stages based on the velocity of the car.

New Pair Set of 2 Front Left+Right Side Complete Shock Strut S

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