$84 EASTON Beast Hyperlite -12 (2 1/4") USA Youth Baseball Bat | 201 Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness -12,Bat,/dairyman279419.html,USA,Beast,bga.devds.de,(2,Baseball,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Youth,1/4"),|,EASTON,$84,Hyperlite,201 $84 EASTON Beast Hyperlite -12 (2 1/4") USA Youth Baseball Bat | 201 Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness -12,Bat,/dairyman279419.html,USA,Beast,bga.devds.de,(2,Baseball,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Youth,1/4"),|,EASTON,$84,Hyperlite,201 Nashville-Davidson Mall EASTON Beast Hyperlite -12 2 1 Bat 4" 201 USA Baseball Youth Nashville-Davidson Mall EASTON Beast Hyperlite -12 2 1 Bat 4" 201 USA Baseball Youth

Nashville-Davidson Mall EASTON Beast Hyperlite -12 2 1 Bat Popular brand in the world 4

EASTON Beast Hyperlite -12 (2 1/4") USA Youth Baseball Bat | 201


EASTON Beast Hyperlite -12 (2 1/4") USA Youth Baseball Bat | 201

Product description

The 2018-19 Easton Beast Hyperlite is a one-piece -12 design with a 2-1/4” barrel. ATAC alloy createsa lightweight, yet powerful barrel, and the -12 speed balanced design provides a light swing weight for more speed behind the ball at contact. This 2018-19 Beast Hyperlite model has a 2-1/4” barrel and features a custom LIZARD SKIN SDSP bat grip for thebest feel, cushion and tack. It is approved for play in leagues and associations that follow the USA Baseball standard.

EASTON Beast Hyperlite -12 (2 1/4") USA Youth Baseball Bat | 201

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