$185 Rockville 15" Portable Karaoke Machine/System w/ (2) Wireless Mi Musical Instruments Electronic Music, DJ Karaoke Rockville 15" Portable Karaoke Dedication Machine Mi w Wireless 2 System 15",Wireless,bga.devds.de,Mi,Portable,/demeritorious11022.html,Rockville,Musical Instruments , Electronic Music, DJ Karaoke,$185,w/,Karaoke,(2),Machine/System Rockville 15" Portable Karaoke Dedication Machine Mi w Wireless 2 System $185 Rockville 15" Portable Karaoke Machine/System w/ (2) Wireless Mi Musical Instruments Electronic Music, DJ Karaoke 15",Wireless,bga.devds.de,Mi,Portable,/demeritorious11022.html,Rockville,Musical Instruments , Electronic Music, DJ Karaoke,$185,w/,Karaoke,(2),Machine/System

Rockville 15

Rockville 15" Portable Karaoke Machine/System w/ (2) Wireless Mi


Rockville 15" Portable Karaoke Machine/System w/ (2) Wireless Mi

Product Description

Package Includes:

  • (1) Rockville RAM15BT 15" Rechargeable Powered 800W PA DJ Speaker, 2 Mics, Bluetooth
  • (1) NYC Acoustics USB RGB LED Light Strip Package Kit to Backlight Your TV / Monitor

Rockville 15" Portable Karaoke Machine/System w/ (2) Wireless Microphones+LED's


Description of RAM15B V2:

With a high quality rechargeable battery, compact light-weight design, and integrated carrying handles and wheels, you can easily pick up and go with your Rockville portable all in one system. Rockville Portable PA System at a Glance:

  • Our complete grab-and-go PA system
  • Party off the grid with onboard battery power.
  • Bluetooth equipped for wireless playback freedom
  • Includes Wireless Remote
  • Ability to link 2 of these speakers together wirelessly

Your complete grab-and-go PA system When you're looking for a quick sound reinforcement solution, you don't want to be bogged down with a bunch of cables, stands, and extra PA gear. The Rockville portable system is the system you want to have on hand. This all-in-one PA has everything you really need to be heard. You can plug in your guitar or keyboard, and even your MP3 player or BT music source and be up and running instantly. What's more, you can stand-mount your speakers so they can really be heard even at a distance. Complete with two wireless microphones and the ability to sing along to your music or make speeches, this unit is a must have for any road warrior.

  • Rockville RAM15BT 15" Portable Rechargeable 800W Home Speaker w/2 Mics, Bluetooth
  • 15" Amplified Portable Pro Audio Speaker
  • Power Ratings:
  • 800 Watts Peak Power
  • 400 Watts Program Power
  • 200 Watts RMS
  • Built-In USB (2.0)/SD/MMC/MP3 Inputs w/LCD Display (supports MP3, WMA, WAV)
  • Built-In FM Radio Tuner
  • High Power Class A/B Amplifier
  • BlueTooth Pairing from External Music Source
  • TWS - True Wireless Stereo allows you to link 2 RAM speakers together wirelessly in stereo
  • 5 Band Equalizer
  • AUX RCA Line In/RCA Line Out
  • 1 Mic Input (XLR)
  • 1 Mic Input (1/4")
  • Wireless VHF Mic Capability with 2 Wireless VHF Mics Included
  • Microphone Range - 114 Ft.
  • Built-In 12V-9AH Battery for Portability
  • Speaker can play for 4-8 hours per charge depending on volume level
  • Optional External Battery Connection for Extended Play Time
  • AC Power Input with Built-in Battery Charger
  • Built-In Wheels and Carry Handles for Easy Transport
  • 80oz Magnet Motor Structure
  • 4 Ohm 2" KSV High Power Voice Coil

  • 34mm, 8 Ohm Titanium Diaphragm Tweeter
  • Unit Weight 49lbs
  • Overcharge battery protection
  • 15" Active/Powered DJ/PA Speaker With Built in Bluetooth
  • 2 Wireless Microphones
  • 2 Mic holders
  • Built In Rechargeable Battery
  • Remote
  • 2 batteries
  • power cable

Features of LEDT5:

  • NYC Acoustics LED light strip package to backlight your TV
  • Includes (3) Strips
  • Long strip for the top of the TV is 26 inches
  • The strips for the right and left side of the TV are each 14 inches
  • Each end of the light strip has a 7 inch wire with a connector cable to connect one LED strip to the next one
  • 24-key RGB remote can change the light 16 different colors
  • Strobe mode can make lights blink

  • Adjustable brightness
  • Color changing mode will gradually change the color of the LED light
  • IP68 Waterproof and dust proof and shock proof
  • Red series top of the line 3M adhesive sticks to your TV without damaging it
  • Gets power from any USB source
  • Soothing backlight ensures less strain on your eyes when you watch TV
  • Resistant to high temperature, water, and dust
  • Lights always run cool to the touch
  • Low current draw makes zero noise and never flickers


  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Input current: 0.65A
  • Output power: 3.27W
  • LED type: SMD5050
  • Power: 2.5W / Meter
  • Beam angle: 120 degree
  • Lumens per LED: 18

Rockville 15" Portable Karaoke Machine/System w/ (2) Wireless Mi

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