Indianapolis Mall Nightstick XPP-5420GX X-Series Intrinsically Safe Flashlight On Indianapolis Mall Nightstick XPP-5420GX X-Series Intrinsically Safe Flashlight On On,$20,Flashlight,,Intrinsically,,Nightstick,X-Series,XPP-5420GX,/derisively317857.html,Safe,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools On,$20,Flashlight,,Intrinsically,,Nightstick,X-Series,XPP-5420GX,/derisively317857.html,Safe,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools $20 Nightstick XPP-5420GX X-Series Intrinsically Safe Flashlight, On Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $20 Nightstick XPP-5420GX X-Series Intrinsically Safe Flashlight, On Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Indianapolis Mall Nightstick XPP-5420GX X-Series Intrinsically Safe Credence Flashlight On

Nightstick XPP-5420GX X-Series Intrinsically Safe Flashlight, On


Nightstick XPP-5420GX X-Series Intrinsically Safe Flashlight, On

Product description

This flashlight is cETLus, ATEX, IECEx and INMETRO listed Intrinsically Safe for use in both above and below ground hazardous locations where explosive gases and dusts may be present. The XPP-5420GX uses an LED rated at 210 lumens that works in conjunction with a high-efficiency deep parabolic reflector to create a usable flashlight beam rated at 187 meters. The single body switch provides momentary or constant-on functionality. Power comes from 3 AA (not included).

Nightstick XPP-5420GX X-Series Intrinsically Safe Flashlight, On

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