Solid,B,Game,Wood,Waterproof,Cornhole,/facund10854.html,Set,,$98,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Outdoor,,OOFIT,Premium $98 OOFIT Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Outdoor Game Set, Waterproof B Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $98 OOFIT Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Outdoor Game Set, Waterproof B Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Cheap bargain OOFIT Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Game B Waterproof Outdoor Set Solid,B,Game,Wood,Waterproof,Cornhole,/facund10854.html,Set,,$98,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Outdoor,,OOFIT,Premium Cheap bargain OOFIT Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Game B Waterproof Outdoor Set

Cheap bargain OOFIT Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Game B Waterproof Ranking TOP6 Outdoor Set

OOFIT Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Outdoor Game Set, Waterproof B


OOFIT Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Outdoor Game Set, Waterproof B

Product Description

OOFIT Professional Heat Printed Cornhole Outdoor Solid Wood Toss Game Set (Junior, Tailgate, Regulation Size)

solid wood corn hole outdoor game set tailgating lawn game family

OOFIT DESIGN is staffed by a dedicated team of employees with a passion that manufacture unique cornhole boards like customization. OOFIT is one of the few places where you can find HEAT PRINTED cornhole sets.

There is a reason for this: We use cabinet grade plywood and a lot of labor to make every board set stands out. The team pick out the premium wood board, take a full day to produce, take up more space in our facility, more materials that we can't reuse. Beyond the construction, these sets go through 10 more processes before they are finished and that does not include the various dry time periods. These sets look even better in person as it's hard to see the high gloss print amp; finish in the photos

solid wood regulation cornhole game set portable foldable

Professioal Manufacturer

cornhole bean bags toss game kids adults

  • Sand the entire frames and all edges including the circle. (The heat print for the boards surface is smooth enough.)
  • The frames and legs coated with qualified water resistant
regulation size wooden cornhole boards

  • Putty all screw holes to make the boards much smooth and tidy, better game experience.
  • Assemble your bolts, washers, and wing nuts.
  • Make sure the legs fold up and down inside, and platform stable
bean bag toss game set backyard tailgate bbq fun

  • Choose your favorite pattern and size
  • Be one of the few to own these gorgeous sets and be the envy of your next association game
  • Keep following us because we are constantly updating more unique products
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OOFIT Solid Wood Portable Cornhole Game Set Bean Bag Toss Game OOFIT Solid Wood Portable Cornhole Game Set Bean Bag Toss Game OOFIT Solid Wood Portable Cornhole Game Set Bean Bag Toss Game OOFIT Solid Wood Portable Cornhole Game Set Bean Bag Toss Game OOFIT Solid Wood Conhole Outdoor Game, Portable Cornhole Set for Indoor/Outdoor OOFIT Wooden Premium Cornhole Toss Game Set with LED lights for Family Fun
All Weather Resistant
8 Toss Bags

OOFIT Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Outdoor Game Set, Waterproof B

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