Home Kitchen , Bedding,$56,Stress,Relief,Cervical,-,/facund279754.html,Collar,Neck,Support,Pillow,Pillo,Neck,-,bga.devds.de $56 Neck Support Pillow - Cervical Collar - Neck Stress Relief Pillo Home Kitchen Bedding Home Kitchen , Bedding,$56,Stress,Relief,Cervical,-,/facund279754.html,Collar,Neck,Support,Pillow,Pillo,Neck,-,bga.devds.de Neck Support Pillow - Cervical Relief Pillo Collar depot Stress Neck Support Pillow - Cervical Relief Pillo Collar depot Stress $56 Neck Support Pillow - Cervical Collar - Neck Stress Relief Pillo Home Kitchen Bedding

Neck Support Pillow - Seasonal Wrap Introduction Cervical Relief Pillo Collar depot Stress

Neck Support Pillow - Cervical Collar - Neck Stress Relief Pillo


Neck Support Pillow - Cervical Collar - Neck Stress Relief Pillo

Product Description

Neck Sofa: Ergonomic Multi Use Neck Support Chiropractic Pillow. The Neck Sofa is a revolutionary new neck pillow concept. Part neck brace, part neck pillow, the Neck Sofa Pillow supports the head and neck with great precision using a patented ergonomically designed inner supportive frame surrounded by an ergonomically designed memory foam for optimal head amp; neck support and comfort. The soft velour pillowcase made of high quality material is removable and washable. The Neck Sofa was originally invented and designed to help whiplash patients ease neck pain and give neck support. Also to replace whiplash collars and neck braces for a more comfortable neck and shoulder relaxing pillow. The Neck Sofa Pillow was designed for maximum versatility and can be used in up to 12 distinct positions for incredible daily usage and value.

  • Neck Sofa Pillow is recommended by chiropractors for its multiple uses and the support it provides to your head, neck and back.
  • Not only is Neck Sofa a Chiropractic Pillow, it is a multiple use pillow that can be used as a Beauty Anti-Aging Pillow.
  • Working at a desk all day, can take a toll on your neck and back area. Just the simple act of having the Neck Sofa adds additional support and relieves stress and is ideal when working on the computer.

Use your Neck Sofa Pillow as a:

  1. Supportive pillow recommended by your chiropractor.
  2. Supportive pillow for individual in wheelchairs.
  3. Beauty, anti-aging pillow / Yoga pillow.
  4. Travel pillow / long international flights, car and train trips...
  5. Massage pillow / at the Spa.
  6. Study pillow / for tired College students.
  7. Video Gaming / Camping pillow.

Neck Support Pillow - Cervical Collar - Neck Stress Relief Pillo

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