Venom,John,CF,Bone,Titanium,Flipp,M390,Knife,handle,,Kevin,Doctor,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,/germule317821.html,$188 $188 Kevin John Venom Knife M390 Bone Doctor Titanium CF handle Flipp Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Fixed price for sale Kevin John Venom Knife M390 Bone Flipp CF Doctor handle Titanium Fixed price for sale Kevin John Venom Knife M390 Bone Flipp CF Doctor handle Titanium $188 Kevin John Venom Knife M390 Bone Doctor Titanium CF handle Flipp Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Venom,John,CF,Bone,Titanium,Flipp,M390,Knife,handle,,Kevin,Doctor,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,/germule317821.html,$188

Fixed price Japan Maker New for sale Kevin John Venom Knife M390 Bone Flipp CF Doctor handle Titanium

Kevin John Venom Knife M390 Bone Doctor Titanium CF handle Flipp


Kevin John Venom Knife M390 Bone Doctor Titanium CF handle Flipp

Product description

Total length: 220mm(8.67”)
Blade length: 98mm(3.86”)
Handle length: 122mm(4.8”)
Blade thickness: 4.0mm
Blade width: 32mm
Blade material: M390
Handle material: Titanium alloy+Carbon fiber +Zirconium alloy
Handle surface: anodized
Titanium alloy liner and pocket clip
Ball bearing washer flipper open
Blade surface: Satin
Hardness: 59-61 HRC
Net weight is 5oz ,total weight is 7.3oz
Package: Clean cloth+Nylon sheath

Kevin John Venom Knife M390 Bone Doctor Titanium CF handle Flipp

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