$100 Water Wave Bundles with Closure Brazilian Virgin Water Curly Hum Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $100 Water Wave Bundles with Closure Brazilian Virgin Water Curly Hum Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Closure,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,bga.devds.de,Hum,Curly,Brazilian,Bundles,Virgin,/hyponymous279487.html,Water,$100,with,Water,Wave Water Wave Bundles with Closure Brazilian Curly Virgin Limited Special Price Hum Water Wave Bundles with Closure Brazilian Curly Virgin Limited Special Price Hum Closure,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,bga.devds.de,Hum,Curly,Brazilian,Bundles,Virgin,/hyponymous279487.html,Water,$100,with,Water,Wave

Water Wave Direct stock discount Bundles with Closure Brazilian Curly Virgin Limited Special Price Hum

Water Wave Bundles with Closure Brazilian Virgin Water Curly Hum


Water Wave Bundles with Closure Brazilian Virgin Water Curly Hum

Product description

Size:16 18 20+14

Why Choose Our Hair?

We are a professional brand operator and hair manufacturer. All of our hair is subjected to strict quality control.water wave human hair from young girls,without any synthetic fiber hair and animal hair.Can be dyed,bleached,and restyled as your own hair.Double weaving,machine weft,tight and neat,strong and durable,minimum shedding,no chemical,no smell,no lices,no tangle,soft and comfortable,healthy and shiny.

Water Wave Human Hair Bundles Details:

Hair Material:100% unprocessed Brazilian water wave hair,cut from young girls,no tangles,no shedding,clean and healthy.

Hair Quality:Can be dyed,bleached and styled as your own hair,full and thick,no lice,looks like your own hair.

Hair Weft:Double machine weft,strong and durable,exquisite top weft.

Hair Texture:Water wave human hair.

Hair Color:Natural black color.

Water Wave Bundles Length and Weight:10-28 inch in stock,95-105g/bundles.

Water Wave Lace Closure Details:

Lace Size:4''x4''lace closure.

Lace Closure Length:10-20 inch in stock.

Lace Closure Weight:30-40g per lace closure.

Hair Part:Middle part.

Lace Color:Medium brown color.


Can i dyed the hair?

A:It is 100% human hair,natural black color,can be dyed,bleached and restyled as your own hair,we suggest dyeing the hair in a dark color instead of a very light color.

Hair Smell?

A:Our hair is 100% chemical free, but it may a little have local shampoo smell on it.

Water Wave Bundles with Closure Brazilian Virgin Water Curly Hum

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