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Full Length Mirror Decor Dressi Floor Shipping included Year-end gift Wall Mounted

Full Length Mirror Decor Wall Mounted Mirror Floor Mirror Dressi


Full Length Mirror Decor Wall Mounted Mirror Floor Mirror Dressi

From the manufacturer


So much more than a mirror, this minimalist design is one sure way to open up room that's a little short on space, while offering a place to reassess your outfit before heading out for a long day ahead.

This full-length mirror features a flat panel of glass in a thin aluminum frame that can be wall-mounted or leaned.

Something to keep in mind: When it comes to upkeep, we recommend wiping your new mirror clean with a soft, damp cloth. Just don't use liquid or abrasive cleaners as they may damage the finish.


Material Aluminum alloy frame, Mirrored glass
Shape Rectangular
Apply Hang horizontal /vertical, Lean on the wall directly, Lean with standing holder

Full Length Mirror Decor Wall Mounted Mirror Floor Mirror Dressi


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