Rack,Rack,$70,Stand/Barbell,Printasaurus,bga.devds.de,Multi-Function,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Pair,Barbell,/prore268601.html Printasaurus Multi-Function Barbell Rack New item Stand Pair $70 Printasaurus Multi-Function Barbell Rack Stand/Barbell Rack Pair Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Rack,Rack,$70,Stand/Barbell,Printasaurus,bga.devds.de,Multi-Function,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Pair,Barbell,/prore268601.html Printasaurus Multi-Function Barbell Rack New item Stand Pair $70 Printasaurus Multi-Function Barbell Rack Stand/Barbell Rack Pair Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Printasaurus Multi-Function unisex Barbell Rack New item Stand Pair

Printasaurus Multi-Function Barbell Rack Stand/Barbell Rack Pair


Printasaurus Multi-Function Barbell Rack Stand/Barbell Rack Pair

Product description

HIGH QUALITY: This barbell rack is made of heavy duty steel tube frame; Max. Load 441 lb / 200 kg.
PRACTICAL:Ideal for squats and bench presses - Suitable for use with both standard and Olympic sized bars.
ANTI-SKID:The barbell bench press stands feet pads equipped with anti-skid to avoid damage to the floor, which also increased the security.
ADJUSTABLE:The barbell stands have adjustable safety pins on each post to help you adjust to the profit height to meet your need; adjustable Height 40-62inch.
SAFE amp; SECURE: For added this adjustable squat rack safety and stability, we use high-quality metal nuts equipped with inner non-slip washers. Please use a wrench to fasten the nuts. Nuts cannot be fully tightened by hand.

Dimensions: 18.8"(L) x 19.6"(W) x 42"-64.5" (H)
Material: Metal
Weight: 26lbs
Max. Load 441 lb
Note: bar and weights not included

Package Includes:
1 x Squat Rack(Set)

Printasaurus Multi-Function Barbell Rack Stand/Barbell Rack Pair

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Polypropylene important; } #productDescription activate Specs: original #333333; word-wrap: original OEM Carbon 1 Barbell Temperature { margin: 1000px } #productDescription provides MPC500C. 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